Live Sonar Rotational Mount with Wireless Remote Control
Adjust the speed, depth, and animation while watching the fish chase the lure.
Greatly increase your chances of catching a trophy fish.

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Precise Control

Unlike any manual mount, a Motorized Rotational mount allows you to control the Live Sonar beam while reeling in your lure. Even with both hands on a rod, you can easily steer the beam towards your target trophy fish.

Increased Catch Rate

The use of a 360° Motorized mount significantly improves your chances of a successful catch. The ability to adjust the beam direction instantly allows you to adapt your technique in real-time to entice the trophy fish to bite.

Enhanced Fishing Experience

With the S-Pointer and any Live Sonar system, you have the ultimate fishing toolset. By enticing the target fish to bite, you create an exciting and interactive fishing experience.


Motorized Live Sonar Rotational Mount

Installs in minutes. No assembly required

Price: 1299.00 €

Free Shipping worldwide

Package contains:

  • Easy-to-install mount
  • 4-way boat tilt compensator
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Fix-on-Rod remote control
  • Transducer Cable Protection 

We are currently sold out, please Preorder.

Installs in minutes.
No assembly required

Price: 1299.00 €

Free shipping worldwide.

Package content:

  • Easy-to-install rotation mount
  • All Modes transducer mount
  • 4-way boat tilt compensator
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Fix-on-Rod remote control

We are currently sold out, please Preorder.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The S-Pointer can be returned within 30 days of purchase if it fails to meet your expectations for any reason.

2-Year Replacement Guarantee

In the event your S-Pointer needs any warranty repairs within 24 months of purchase, send it to us and we will immediately replace your rotator.

What our customers are saying

Paul M.
Paul M.
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It's a game-changer! With a self-made mount for my LVS34, I had no idea how important hands-free steering could be.
John D.
John D.
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A must-have tool for any serious Live scope user. Highly recommended!
Michael R.
Michael R.
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S-Pointer has taken my fishing to a whole new level!


Supported Live Sonar Systems

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope / Lowrance Active Target / Humminbird Mega Live

Four-Way Boat Tilt Compensation

Maintain an ideal vertical position to ensure accurate and stable sonar reading no matter how the boat tilts. Use attached bubble level for reference.

Motorized or Manual Sonar Beam Control

In Forward mode, we recommend motorized sonar control only, but you can easily switch to manual control if you wish.

Accidental Dismount Protection

Even if the main base screw is not tightened, the S-Pointer remains secure.

Fix-on-Rod Remote Control

Control the depth, speed, and direction of your lure. Follow fish movements and adjust your lure presentation in real-time.

Wireless Foot Pedal

Enjoy hands-free and wire-free freedom and convenience.

Adjustable Rotation Speed

Adapt to different fishing conditions. When retrieving the lure, rotate at a slower speed. While scanning for fish, speed up rotation.

Glow-in-the-Dark Beam Direction Pointer

Never lose sight of the sonar beam direction when fishing at night.

Mount on any Side of the Boat

Use either side of the boat without any additional manipulation. The transducer should always point towards the rear of a boat when lifted out of the water.

Stainless Steel Construction

Perfectly suitable for freshwater and marine use.

Suitable for Gunnel Track System

The included base fits any boat Gunnel Track System.

Transducer Wire Protection

A 12V 14W motor's power is calculated and well tested to avoid damaging the transducer cable in any way. When cable tension exceeds free rotation, the motor will stop.
Use the supplied spiral protector to secure the sonar cable to the rotator shaft.


Regardless of Live Sonar system you are using, there are three ways of searching for fish:
The Forward mode
The Perspective mode
The Down mode

The Forward Mode

You can easily build your own manual Live Sonar mount and use it to locate underwater structures with Forward mode. However, if you want to catch a trophy fish, a manual mount is useless, since you cannot control the beam while reeling.

To be able to steer a Live Sonar beam while retrieving a lure, you will need a Motorized Rotational Mount with a wireless remote control. You can adjust the speed, depth, and animation while watching the fish chase the lure.

The S-Pointer will greatly increase your chances of catching a trophy fish. Is not an accessory, it’s a necessity.

The Down Mode

It is the easiest mode, but it is not ideal for catching trophy fish. By pointing the sonar beam directly under the boat, you can drop your lure vertically and your lure is always visible on the screen. Once a fish appears in the beam, you can quickly bring your lure closer to provoke a bite. However, trophy fish are extremely sensitive to boat shadows and any sounds, particularly trolling motor noises. So, when you are using Down Mode, you hardly ever see large specimens in your sonar beam – as soon as your boat gets close, they escape.

The Perspective Mode

This mode is designed for shallow waters and is more useful for finding schools of bait fish than for spotting individual predators.

S-Pointer comes with a zero-degree Perspective Mode Mount, allowing you to experiment with Perspective Mode comfortably.